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Assessment Services

A complete line of hardware lifecycle management options including assessment, purchase, asset reassignment, trade-ins, and destruction.
Planning is the key to a successful data center

From the initial planning of required assets to ongoing management and support, decommissioning, and more, every step of an asset’s lifecycle must be successfully planned and managed.

For these reasons, companies must have a partner that can manage all aspects of a data center’s asset lifecycle, maintaining the visibility and reliability of all hardware—from inventory management to decommissioning, destruction, and beyond. This is the foundation of our comprehensive assessment strategy.

Achieve True Transparency

At ServIQ, we understand the constant need for effective and secure Asset Lifecycle Management. As a result, we continually evolve our services to meet the needs of the worlds largest data centers. 

Data Center Assessments

From audits and asset reports to cost controls, sales, and the elimination of data security risks—our services guarantee peace of mind at every step.

  • Backup & Recovery Assessment
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Custom PS & Data Center Assessments
  • Health Check on Existing Systems
  • High Availability Assessment
  • ITAM – Asset Management Assessment
  • RAD: Recoverability Architect Design
  • Third-Party Maintenance Audit
Post-Assessment Services

Once your assessment is complete, we offer a full suite of services to help you successfully act on all assessment findings and required actions.

  • Deployment & Installation
  • Equipment Relocation
  • Field Service Reporting (FSR)
  • Inventory Auditing
  • On-site Training
  • Hardware Power Down & Drive Removal
  • Recycling
  • Resale Program
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Unpacking, Cabling, Powering & Testing
  • Redeployment
Our Data Center Assessment Process

Our engineering consultants conduct in-depth interviews and workshops with end users, data center managers, administrators, and management stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of an organizations business needs and solutions requirements.

After collecting information such as basic host server inventory, storage capacity and network design, our consultants deliver findings with recommendations for the next steps.

Best of all, we fully embrace a host of best practices that contribute to highly eco-friendly environmental sustainability.

Our Data Center Assessment Methodology

  • ServIQ consultants facilitate workshops with relevant technical and management stakeholders in your organization
  • Understanding and agreement of business needs and solutions requirements
  • In-depth interviews with end-users, data center managers and administrators
  • Synthesized view of current architecture
  • Collection of information, including basic host server inventory, storage capacity and network design
  • Consolidated report based on findings from the assessment and evaluation phases
  • Finding’s report includes:
    • Recommendations for configuration changes
    • Recommendations on infrastructure improvements
    • Recommendations to resolve and address any exposures/issues
    • Review of support contracts and lifecycle management of arrays