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A suite of services including decommissioning and disposing, buy-backs, and trade-ins.
Protect Your Company. Reap the Rewards.

Data Center assets represent an investment that must be protected—even after you no longer require them. 

The Requirement for Real ITAD Services

Even once the device is no longer required, you cannot abandon the time, money, and energy placed into managing IT assets. For one, there is the apparent need to recoup value from the initial expense. Secondly, selling the device can lead to dollars easily applied to other mission-critical business projects.

However, ensuring the data is appropriately wiped is the key to asset disposal of any kind. Simply selling it off or throwing it in a recycling facility leaves you open to potential catastrophic data breaches—ones that can potentially cost you your business.

Whether selling or disposing of IT assets requires a partner with secure facilities, processes, and reporting that deliver peace of mind and ROI.

Your Trusted IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Partner

At ServIQ, we have built our reputation on having the finest facilities and best-practice-based processes to ensure confidence in completing every aspect of your ITAD journey. Your security is our priority—always.

We offer highly secure data destruction of hard drives, tapes and other media, making your IT asset disposal safe, fast and easy—always adhering to Data Security Lifecycle (DSL) standards.

  • Certified data erasure & disposal
  • Degaussing and Data erasure
  • Physical destruction
  • On-site data shredding (disk and tape)
  • Environmentally friendly, green removal
  • Disposal services that meet or exceed EPA standards
Buy-backs And Trade-ins.

We understand there is hidden value in your data center assets. The important thing is to ensure you recover that value to your bottom line. You can enhance your new business initiatives by repurposing savings with on-site audits and ITAM business practices.

So, if you’re looking to get value out of solutions you no longer use, we offer many programs for legacy storage, servers, and network equipment, including cash for buy-backs and trade-in programs. 

Our Proven On-site Data Destruction Process
  • Mobile shredder
  • A managed, comprehensive inventory of all drives
  • ServIQ specialists, along with the customer, supervise all drive destruction 
  • Customer approves and signs verifications that the job is complete and to satisfaction
  • Managed and supervised safe and secure disposal of all waste
  • Certification of all destruction and disposal
Our Proven Remote Data Destruction Process
  • Provision of a secure case for storage and transport
  • Once received, ServIQ completes an inventory report
  • Inventory report reviewed and approved by customer
  • Secure destruction of all drives 
  • Customer approvals and signed verifications that the job is complete and to satisfaction
  • Managed and supervised safe and secure disposal of all e-waste
  • Certification of all destruction and disposal
Logistics & Deinstallation
  • Chain of Custody—We use an auditable paper trail providing end-to-end documentation and visibility of what was done, and by whom, during the data destruction process
  • White-Glove Logistics is a premium delivery service for large products requiring more protection than standard shipments. We can provide on-site assistance to package up, palletize or crate sensitive IT equipment and move from point A to point B with premium transport options.
  • Secure Transport—A secured vehicle takes your product directly from point A to point B with an auditable chain of custody through the entire process.
  • Change Management—Change management practices reduce incidents and meet regulatory standards. The procedures ensure efficient and prompt handling of changes to IT infrastructure.