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ServIQ launches new brand and website

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For many of the world’s largest brands, ServIQ is in fact old news—a company that, for almost two decades in business, has dedicated itself to transforming and empowering companies with seamless, efficient and highly cost-effect SMART Data Center Support.

Over the last several years, we have maintained a laser-like focus on our industry—not to mention the constant evolution of IT equipment—to ensure only the best in products and services for our customers. Consequently, this led us to place less focus on how we promote ourselves. As a result, this year, we made the important decision to evolve our brand.

Now, it is with great excitement and pride that we announce our new logo, new look and website—a more modern aesthetic that reflects as much about our global customers as how we can assist them.

A brand is about much more than colors and a logo—done properly, it should also represent the entirety of a business and its commitment to customers. We believe our new brand much more effectively embodies how we continue to confidently meet the needs of Fortune 500 companies for peace of mind where their Data Center assets are concerned.

Our legacy is rooted in our ongoing dedication to those we serve—and we hope our new brand will help open the door to partnering with even more customers in the future.

Welcome to the new ServIQ—continuing to bring you reliable, comprehensive and—most importantly—SMART Data Center Support.